Episode 102

Published on:

25th Feb 2021

102 | How STRs Can Get a Leg Up on the Hotel Industry | with Wil Slickers

We’ve talked about what the short-term rental industry can learn from the hotel industry… but what can Airbnb and other short-term rentals do even better than big chain hotels?

Wil Slickers is the creator of hospitality podcasts Slick Talk and Good Morning Hospitality and co-founder of Recreation Rentals, a boutique rental management company. He always had a love for people but didn’t know where to channel that passion until he discovered the hospitality industry. He started his podcast to interview people who had an extensive background in the industry and great stories that people could learn from. We talk about what he’s learned from working in the hospitality industry and from the many guests he’s featured on his show, as well as what short-term rentals can do that hotels just can’t.

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